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15 November 2007

Contents Under Pressure
Emerging from the Chicago land area with almost 10 years of experience and a boatload of accomplishments this four piece is ready to let their voices be heard. With 4 full length recordings, interviews and live performances on local college radio, video and audio podcasts, 4 music videos, and a battle of the bands victory, these guys have been working hard.

Contents Under Pressure is a rock band. Plain and simple. Adding punk, metal, pop, and even sometimes jazz is what makes them a unique find. Their current line up was completed in September of 2004 with the addition of a full time drummer. Since then their non stop writing and recording has finally paid off with their first professional full length CD entitled 'Just Another Bad Day'.

With influences ranging from Dream Theater to Bad Religion, you will find a wide range of musical genres all in one package. From 80’s rock homage “Deep in Love part 1” or “My Baby” you will find an updated sound from an era that most growing up hold dear to their heart. To songs with more pop like “Don’t Ask Me Why” and “I Need Me” you get a catchier more melodic blend. Anywhere you look on their new CD you will find a fun catchy tune that will have your foot tapping along. Their myspace page is
David Cannek    15 November 2007 09:43