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21 December 2007

Ray Garrison Band
At 17, you’d think Suwanee Georgia native Ray Garrison would be a newbie to the local music scene. The fact is, Ray (lead singer of the band Ray Garrison) has been singing around the local area for over 3 years.
Ray Garrison’s Journey
Garrison Started His musical journey singing at his local church. He was such a hit, he was soon playing for other churches in the area, and even into the Chattanooga TN area.
Ray Garrison has since made the decision to write music about his life, or whatever comes to mind. He describes his music as reminiscent of Relient K, Angels & Airwaves and Blink-182.
Among the songs on the debut EP, “Come Home”, which is currently featured on The Georgia Jukebox is “a song of finding your identity in something. It talks about not being able to be 2 different types of people; hence the line “you can’t live on both sides.” For me its just about being a Christian in a secular world. It talks about how there are times in my life when I want to be like my non Christian friends but I can’t really do that, because it would make me a sort of hypocrite” says front man Garrison.
Here’s to continued success for the band.
Ray Garrison    21 December 2007 06:57