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Grim Swindango

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Prisoners of the void



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Rick Gray

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The Depth and the Whisper

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Carol Borges

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Gain Eleven, their interview.

Swedish band is preparing to Taubertal Open Air Festival!

You have participated in the Emergenza Festival Edition 2015/2016. What made you decide to take part in it?
We had entered the competition in 2014. After we ended up second place in the Gothenburg region, we decided to never to competition gigs again. 2 years later - we gave it a shot again. This time, it went much better than expected.

As you approach the world final, what is your state of mind?
Everything is the same. We treat this gig as any other gig, wether it is a small club or in this case - A sold festival for 25000 people. We believe with that mindset - Our preformances are the best, and we want to of course bring everything what we have.

What's behind your band's name? Any specific meaning?
It is actually a refrence from the movie "Spinal Tap". There is a button on guitar players amplifiers called "Gain" which gives you that griny rock n' roll sound. The buttons go up to 10 but in the movie, they show buttons that go to 11. Since we always wanna push the limits - Gain Eleven sounded perfect. Fun fact - none of us have ever seen the movie.

If you had to choose a famous song that represents your band...which one would it be?
Free Bird

Can you tell us a funny story or anecdote about your experience on stage? And one which happened in backstage or during the preparation of a show?
Johnossis manager came up on stage halfway through our opening set for Johnossi to tell us we were going over time. It is only funny to think about 2 years later, rather than the moment it happened. We don't have any particular backstage experiences that we can remember.

How would you describe your music?
Modern rock n' roll. Wether you are 8 or 88 & have never experienced our music before - we try our best to make music that most people in general will like.

Before you go on stage, do you have a ritual or a good luck charm that goes everywhere with you?
Usually - no. Normally, we all get very tired and wanna go to sleep 10 minutes before stage time. But when it is 5 minutes left - BOOM! The energy level goes back up and we are so ready to kick some ass..

What is your dream goal?
Playing a sold out headlining show in Wembley

What can audiences expect from one of your live performances?
Extreme energy, fast party songs, guitar solos, more energy, cute smiles & some more energy. We love to go "All in" on every performance.

If you could invite a band or an artist at your party, dead or alive, who would it be?
Jack Black

What are your short to medium term plans after the international final?
After the show - we will be networking & connecting with everyone. Wether it'l be promoters, arrangers and fans in general - as we always do. We are gonna do some gigs in Sweden & currently planning our sights on the European market.

What inspires you when you are composing (musical inspirations or others)?
Musical : Royal Republic, Danko Jones, Foo Figherts, Airbourne and so forth. Other inspiration: Life in general, aka everything you experience daily.

Why do you think you deserve to win the 2016 Festival edition?
Why do we deserve to win? Well, coming this far in the world finals already makes us feel like winners which we are truly happy for. But we have for over 3 years been working our asses off constantly with expanding our brand of music & networking our way through new people on our own feet with no help of a label or record company. This is very cliché to say that winning this competition could open doors - but with our mindset, we are prepared to put in every bit of hard work into every possible offer or collaborations in that may occur after the festival has taken place. The best way for us to prove how serious we are when it comes to hard work - is to of course experience Gain Eleven live. With 6 months after debut album release with over 200 000 streams on Spotify, air time on radio channels in various European countries & full ratings from press & critics - We will show on stage what could have possibly made us achieve that.