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4/29/2017 9:13:11 AM

Autumn mind

4/29/2017 1:01:24 AM

Sine Wave

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World Music
France - Франція
телефон +44 20 74 28 59 29

Общая информация: info@dingwalls.com
DingwallsMiddle Yard, Camden, Nw1 8ab, London Посмотреть карту

Over the years Emergenza has done many shows and seen thousands of people rock to our top unsigned bands. The best up and coming bands played this incredible venue thanks to us. Dingwalls is basically the history of Punk and rock. Sex Pistols, The Clash and every single british punk band started here. This is the birthplace of a movement. Dingwalls is history. Not just rock and roll history, music history. Everybody from Coldplay (who got signed here) to Mumford and Sons. From the Strokes to Foo Fighters through local girl Amy Winehouse (r.i.p. Girl) have played and drank at this club. History. Real History. The list is to big to talk about. The stars who graced the stage or stumbled outside this Camden venue is too big to mention here. If you can mention any famous musician right now, chances are that he or she got drunk at this cool club. Since 1973 Dingwalls has been rocking crowds and started the careers of many bands. We have now put on shows at this amazing club since 2008.