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Nudist Colonies of the World

Running Stark Naked into This Round of Emergenza

These enthusiastic nudists are about to rock the Emergenza stage at The Lair at The Metro in Sydney on April 12th. The nudist boys make up a four-man group, which includes; Jimmy Nudist, Cheyne Nuddy, Running Bare Blocky and Stark Naked Sammy make up the sensational Punk Rock band that is Nudist Colonies of the World.

You guys have a pretty interesting back story, can you elaborate how you all were able to come together?
All members of NUDIST COLONIES OF THE WORLD have been playing in numerous bands for the better part of twenty years, in various incarnations in Australia, Hong Kong and the U.K. to varying degrees of success with international touring, releasing records etc.
Jimmy Nudist and Cheyne Nuddy met when Cheyne answered a classifieds ad that a band that Jimmy was playing bass in at the time posted. Cheyne joined the band and as luck would have it, soonthereafter the band broke up! Having established and realised that there was some chemistry brewing between them and rather than feeling sorry for themselves, Jimmy and Cheyne decided to simply continue having band practice every week although the band consisted of only the two of them and didn't even have a name!
Jimmy and Cheyne wanted a name that was memorable and catchy and above all non-genre specific and it was whilst thumbing through some vintage Naturalist magazines from the late 1960's/70's that they stumbled upon a magazine called NUDIST COLONIES OF THE WORLD and the rest was history.
Jimmy quickly took over lead vocal duties and switched from bass to guitar and NUDIST COLONIES OF THE WORLD in it's earliest formation began. Jimmy and Cheyne played a few shows as a two-piece and the shows were, for want of a better word, interesting to say the least!
As a two-piece NUDIST COLONIES OF THE WORLD recorded and released a split 7" vinyl record called 'Song Names Are Overrated' (Nude-A-Go-Go) with another Australian band Excitebike through an independant record label.
It soon became apparent that the colony would need to grow and as such the search for a bass player became a priority. Spinal Tap may have had the curse of the drummers but NCOTW seemed to be cursed when it came to bass players. Having gone through a number of potential nudists, all of whom for whatever reason, simply weren't true nudists, we continued our search until we bumped into Stark Naked Sammy Chainsaws who we knew from around the traps and we also knew that he was first and foremost a huge NUDIST COLONIES OF THE WORLD fan and could play bass, was currently band-less, lived locally and shared our love of honest unpretentious mid-90's-esque punk rock music.

What led you to participate in Emergenza?
Having solidified and finalised NUDIST COLONIES OF THE WORLD's current line-up, the band continued to play, anywhere, anytime. Having clocked up almost 100 shows at 40-odd venues and played with too many bands to mention, NUDIST COLONIES OF THE WORLD are continueing to spread the word, share the love and invite as many fans as possible around the world to join the colony. This goal and objective is what led NUDIST COLONIES OF THE WORLD particpating in the 2013 Sydney Emergenza Festival and performing at The Lair at The Metro on Friday 12th of April at 10:30pm which hopefully will lead to bigger and better opportunities both in Australia but also Internationally.

What do you hope this performance at The Lair will do for you guys?
NUDIST COLONIES OF THE WORLD aim to please and the colony can only grow as a colony if we slowly colonise an area or a scene painstakingly bit by bit by way of gaining one fan at a time and playing our hearts out and giving it all we've got behind a guise of a catchy name and a live show that hopefully sounds like the musical equivalent of being pummelled in an unexpected tsunami or being stuck in a basement when the building comes crashing down around you! As the name implies, NUDIST COLONIES OF THE WORLD believe that there is little need for effects driven guitars, vocoders, drum machines and keyboards to put on an energy driven, hi-octane live performance. In this respect, less is more (in keeping with the nudist metality). Our live shows are nothing short of passion and energy. There are no pretentions or gimmicks. Just four guys playing their hearts out and giving 100% regardless of whether there is one person in the crowd or 10,000.

On Facebook you talk about your new CD, which is fantastic, but what’s next for your guys right now?
We have a number of plans in the pipeline at the moment. One of which is the recording of our first full length debut which hopefully will be released early 2014. We are also currently attempting to organise a number of Australian tours with International Artists to play with NUDIST COLONIES OF THE WORLD. We also have a new range of merchadise being made and are also finalising a distribution deal with an American company to get our music to the masses in the North American market. Europe, Asia and Central America is next!