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18 ліпеня 2013

Cryptic Scorn
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11/17/2019 11:24:19 AM


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Our fallen brother and Bassman Jay (Scorned) Ramirez

Kenny Cryptic   18 ліпеня 2013 10:41
Cryptic Scorn upholds derivative old school metal, contempt for religious piety and living by the "fucken oath". Seeking gigs, venues and fucked up events.

Spawning as outcasts from degenerative preconceptions, Ken and Luke of Cryptic Scorn emerged as a unified force in early 2010 through current. Their alliance became recognised through reciprocal metal influences and the lifestyle entailed and before too long they were busting out the boundaries between thrash, old school and downtuned dissipation. Not long after they enlisted the drumming skills of Muz, dweller of the same guttural scene within the lowly atmospheres of Sydney, Australia, songs and mayhem followed. April 2012 saw the entry of Cryptic Scorn's new bassist Jay, picking it up with no trouble and fear of failure, Cryptic Scorn became even heavier and fucked up. In mid December 2012 Cryptic Scorn became a 5 piece with the introduction of the grindcore influenced behemoth Cabs on Rhythm guitar, pushing the boundaries of what this band could do in such short time. Sadly, on the 10th of March 2013 at 11.58pm, 2 minutes to midnight, Jay passed away suddenly. Heartbreak and sadness swept the metal community and family from such a great loss. Not only as a very talented musician, but a true friend to all he met and knew, and a brother to his band and close mates. Cryptic Scorn will always cherish the memory of Jay and will never forget him, nor forget the love we have for him. He is the driving force behind this band and everything we do is for him. Cryptic Scorn would push on through the remaining shows with the help of Doy, picking up the bass in memory of Jay. But of course with Doy smashin skins in brother band Til Rapture, this regrettably could not be full time for Cryptic Scorn. Through careful consideration on how to approach this situation, it was decided that close mate to Jay; Pake would give it a shot at keeping Jay's memory there. After some time at practice and a few shows, Pake became full time bassist with the band. The memory and legend will always live on through the music that we made, and still make to this day. Raise your fuckin horns to Jay, beloved brother of the Scorn! R.I.P

Hammering it out at high voltage; Sydney band Cryptic Scorn have forged from the backbone of old school traditions and have evolved as a formidable force to be reckoned with. With prior Experiences reaching as far back as childhood; along with a firm grip on bringin’ out the heavy, Cryptic Scorn has harnessed their own style and deliverance upon downtuned metal mayhem for the masses.
Kenny Cryptic   18 ліпеня 2013 10:38
Not enough =..From our debut EP Semper Fidelis
Kenny Cryptic   18 ліпеня 2013 10:36
Just Unjust from our recently released debut EP Semper Fidelis

Kenny Cryptic   18 ліпеня 2013 10:32
Mental Necromancer.... off our recently released EP Semper Fidelis.

Kenny Cryptic   18 ліпеня 2013 10:29