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14 December 2008

Sunshine Riot
Formed in mid 2007, Sunshine Riot is comprised of four hard working drunks who love to rock and roll. Fusing elements of grunge and blues with a pop sensability, the band has quickly gained a dedicated following of fans who share their passion for music.

Now in their second year as a band, Sunshine Riot is currently hard at work on a full length album that should come out late summer 2009. They have played everywhere in the East from New York City, to Bethel, Maine, to Providence, Rhode Island and love all of those fans who have joined them on their journey (that's you!). They enjoy regular air play on radio stations throughout Boston and Providence. Sunshine Riot never forgets where they come from or the folks who have made them a success. They love nothing more than sharing a drink and a smoke with fans.
jonny Orton    14 December 2008 08:52