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07 December 2004

OverlorD - Since OverlorD's inception one thing that has remained constant - The love for the music that we all grew up hearing.
"If We Don't Love It -We Dont Play It!!" This is very obvious when you see us live "We started playing this music when it was new !!"
Each of Us (The Band Members) have been a "Professional Musician" for almost 2 decades with 6 Years
together with the present members of OverlorD.
We have created a very good product and have put the "tools" in place to bring our performance to the people.
OverlorD CD's are available at Retail outlets in the Daytona Beach Area.We are involved with
Local (Orlando -Daytona Beach) / National (XM sattelite) radio shows & doing promotional music. Located in central Fla
we play mainly in Orlando Night Clubs and in Daytona Beach during Bike Week, Race Week and Biketoberfest Concert Events
We are supporting our 2nd CD Release "OverlorD - WarsongS" via tour , concert / club dates, radio promotions,
CD signings, whatever means neccesary. We have the infrastructure in place to immediately go out on tour.
(Band owned and operated RV for transportation , All vintage 80's Stage gear and processing , a huge catalouge of Music,
2 CD's of original music - Very radio friendly - as well as Hours of Cover music - Heavy Rock - 70's to present covers)
We have an EXTENSIVE website with Shopping For OverlorD Merch,Calendar,Bios,Promo,SoundClips,Photos, Buy CD's online,etc...
Thank you for taking the time to review our product
Bruce Jones    07 December 2004 12:00