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10 February 2005

Today's music scene abounds with bands spewing witticisms and too-long titles, in an attempt to be clever. Those same bands have left catchy, heart-felt songwriting by the wayside. Stasis, a four-piece rock outfit - fronted by red-headed firecracker Julia Glenn, brings the basic elements of pop-rock, emotional melodies, and soaring choruses back to the scene. Stasis is the kind of band with songs so appealing to mass audiences, they don't need 12 word song titles to get across their message; that Rock is built on hook-driven song writing.

The core of Stasis, drummer Sean Montross, guitarist Aaron Hallett, and bassist Sexy Josh Guerrero have been honing their craft since 2001. Their efforts led them as far down their chosen paths as they could go, garnering 95.1 WZZO's Backyard Bands Award, arguably the highest honor bestowed upon any Lehigh Valley musical act.

But like any good relationship, chemistry is essential. Stasis added rocket fuel to their already highly burning fire with the addition of Glenn, launching them into the stratosphere. They've been compared to such acts as Kelly Clarkson, Saving Jane, and Evanescence, but have an undeniably unique sound all their own.

With songs that catch in the heads, and more importantly in the hearts of their ever-growing fan base, Stasis is poised to make a big splash in the East Coast Rock Scene. They’re living proof songs need only function on their own strength, no novel-length titles necessary.
Joshua Guerrero    10 February 2005 01:43