Twenty-Nine is an new-alternative rock band out of Athens, Georgia. The band was born out of the visions of Joshua Estes and Michael Kleban. Michael and Joshua have been performing together for the past half decade, and decided to create the ultimate rock group. The two men set out first to find a drummer, we all have been there, and after trying out over a dozen different individuals they stuck with the or rather made Travis a part of the band (he didn’t realize he was in for good till about a month into it). So once the two men had conned in a drummer they sought out a Bassist, that was a much quicker find, after trying out a few that didn’t quite fit; the band found Brandon or rather he found us. Hence the team was formulated and now it was time to start saving the world from old music. Twenty-Nine is the name after Michael’s apartment, other odd occurrences that day of deciding, and 2 years older then the late great music innovators. The bands sound is cross of the late nineties alternative rock bands, the late fifties rock stylings, and pop rock. The band has been performing all around Athens for the last few months and is still considered a baby; however don’t let that fool you, this group is everything but inexperienced, the band has over 16 original songs already six of witch have been created as a band. Michael and Joshua have been performing all over the place from Atlanta, Boston, Colombia Sc. This band is guaranteed to have you up on your feet rocking out and leave you screaming for more.
Micheal Sechchrist    29 October 2007 12:37