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Signed up 30 April 2021 at 4:36 AM

Indigo Point

Alternative rock
Signed up 25 April 2021 at 6:09 AM

Inpha One

Alternative rock
Signed up 29 March 2021 at 12:53 PM

The meditations

Next bands around the globe
Signed up 08 May 2021 at 8:31 PM

Soul BLight

Punk rock
Signed up 07 May 2021 at 1:27 PM

Hybel Records

Hip Hop

Emergenza Sydney bands shine at The Metro!


A thursday we picked for you. Not just any thursday night: This was an eclectic night of rock, reggae and electronic sounds. The Small venue at the Metro, The lair, was buzzing with excitement and the people were in for a treat. What was about to emerge, was a very intense and different evening of exciting music, ready to be judged by the audience members. The music in itself was varied and the energy in the room was up and everyone enjoyed themselves. An eclectic night full of different sounds. The competition kicked off with a rock band band called Paratopia. They were good and had a very good approach to their music. They sounded great although similar to other bands on the rock scene right now, This is not a bad thing, it's encouraging to see that rock isn't going to die. The lead singer had very strong vocals and the drummer was very good, but needed a bit more focus in terms of rhythm I suppose. They appealed to the audience and they went through. Feedback was up next as another rock band. They had some technical difficulties, but soldiered on as they entertained the crowd. They do need to work on having less breaks between songs and more slick links as well as actually singing clearer, but it didn't distract from the fact that they were not afraid to experiment with different styles of rock. Occasionally it was almost as if there were a complete clash of styles and it worked. They went through as first choice by the public. The volume started picking up and becoming interesting when Gutter Tactic the only Metal band, came on. What struck me was their skill as players and the harmonies were so well done considering the music genre. On top of that, they stand out as being “proper metal” . Their second song particularly stands out as the raw soul and sensitiveness comes through loud and clear. Sometimes they are a little predictable musically, but it doesn't distract from the charm that oozes from them on stage. Nova and the Experience was up next and a favourite of my friend who came along for this gig. The powerful start they had from the start of their set was mesmerizing and took us on a very exciting journey from start to finish with their exciting lyrics, guitar riffs and good sense of humour. They used the audience well interactively and every single person in that band showed stage presense and personality compared to some of the bands we've seen in OZ.They went through and we're happy (my friend the most). Blue Candy were up next with a sweet reggae sound. They most certainly live up to their name! Eccentricity shines through with this band. Reggae is a very difficult genre to pull off and requires a lot of skill to get it right....they did not disappoint! Blue Candy fuses reggae and smiles to take it up to the next level of pure party vibes. The band consists of people with exceptional talent! Not easy doing reggae people. They made it fun. Hey Baby is a strange name for a band but they proved to be fun and very tight in their set. They state to be alternative rock but what we found was a great tone on the guitar. Rock is very broad and it works only if you have a great sounding guitar. The Marshall amplifier did not disappoint, but the lead guitarist did show us how to get an incredible tone. For this alone this band should have people flocking to see them (or have guitarists learning how to set up a bloody guitar tone). Overall the band was fun. The 20XII ProJEKT was the only electronic band in a rock dominated night. They closed the night with a guitar driven electronic set of tunes and although they usually bring fire dancers to their show they did not disappoint the crowd with their danceable riff heavy songs.A funny set up, a bodrhan and a guitar made this one of the most original bands we've seen in ages. Well done to all. Emergenza festival offers musicians a chance to shine regadless of music styles or what level of skill. Tonight was a fine example......FUN!!!