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07 October 2005

This Side of Summer
Plagued by a passion left wanting in a city choking on the ashes of musical genius, a phoenix has emerged from the scattered remains. With a force stronger than gravity, four men have come together with a single voice to set the world afire, to lift the plague and lay claim as the driving force in this crusade.

The product of determination, This Side of Summer was born in a quest for self-actualization. Each member, involved in stagnant musical projects that seldom left them anything more than unfulfilled, needed something more, something to cut the vein and relieve the building pressure of the music coursing through. Kyle (Lead Guitar/Vocals) practiced for a few months with Garrett (Drums) and a bassist, but the passion was lacking. Kyle soon began playing solo shows around Memphis, barely leaving a mark in the footsteps of artists like Jeff Buckley and Dashboard Confessional. In search of something bigger, he and Chase (Guitar/Vocals) began practicing with acoustic guitars. The gears had just began turning when Garrett resurfaced with a desire to put drums behind Kyle's solo material. The first practice was scheduled with two guitarists and a drummer. At this point, the passion was gaining strength but needed one more element. Chase and Zach (Bass/Screams) were involved in an acoustic project, and Zach became interested in playing Bass guitar for the band. The first practice was scheduled, and after writing 4 songs that day, This Side of Summer was a breathing mechanism, an entity materialized, a scream among whispers. They've painted the city with gasoline, and it's only a matter of time before Memphis is in flames.
Kyle Segars    07 October 2005 08:11