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Intervju med de svenske vinnere Huanastone

Vi mødtes med Huanatone på Kulturbolaget i Malmø for en snakk om veien til den internasjonale finalen


You have participated in the Emergenza Festival Edition 2016/2017. What made you decide to take part in it?
We signed up for a gig, and somehow we ended up in Germany.

As you approach the world final, what is your state of mind?
Very anxious and excited!

What is your best memory from your Emergenza experience?
When we won in our hometown. We never thought we would get that far. And now we are on our way to Germany. It sure is a strange feeling! We are so grateful and excited!

What's behind your band's name? Any specific meaning?
Not really. Carl, our lead guitarist came up with it and we sorta rolled with it since it sounds very cool and unique.

If you had to choose a famous song that represents your band...which one would it be?
Well not somebody else’s. Deaforever is a song of ours that we would say is kind of defining!

Can you tell us a funny story or anecdote about your experience on stage? And one which happened in backstage or during the preparation of a show ?
We had a gig in Croatia that was horrible. It was the first gig of the tour and the promoter had made a terrible job. SO, nobody came. The show kept being pushed up later and later until it finally started at 1 o’clock, on a thursday. By that time there was nobody left, well nobody had arrived, and we had gotten so drunk that we barely remembered any of our songs….nevertheless how to use an instrument. That was “fun” haha.

How would you describe your music ?
Take a grain of Grunge, dip it in some “Black Sabbath” and then just add a pinch of sex.

Before you go on stage, do you have a ritual or a good luck charm that goes everywhere with you?
Depends on who you are asking, we all got our own little ritual before we go on. But we usually give each other a big hug.

What is your dream gig?
Orange stage (the biggest stage) at Roskilde Festival. It has always been the biggest venue around our hometown where all the legends have played.

What can audiences expect from one of your live performances?
A very intimate and intense show that is more than just music.

If you could invite a band or an artist at your party, dead or alive, who would it be?
Queens of the Stone Age. Ain't no party without them, man.

What are your short to medium term plans after the international final?
Release our new record, and music video. We are also playing the biggest festival in Scandinavia, Malmöfestivalen. It’s in our hometown and it will be really something else.

What inspires you when you are composing (musical inspirations or others) ?
Inspiration comes and goes. Sometimes you’re just trying to imitate somebody and then you happen to find your own thing and sometimes everybody comes together during rehearsals and everything just klicks. It´s a weird thing to define.

What question did I forget?
Who is the strongest in the band. Answer: Filip. (This is very important to him)

Why do you think you deserve to win the 2017 Festival edition?
Our genre (Stoner Rock) has been a small genre for a long time. It's time to put it in the spotlight!