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7/21/2017 6:57:58 PM


7/21/2017 6:01:49 PM

Walter calls ambulance

  • Andrea Petricca

    Worldwide Artistic Director and CEO

  • Massimo Scialò

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  • Julien Delpy

    Executive Vice President, General Resources Director

  • Francesco Frilli

    ITA & CH/ITA General Director and Studio Production

  • Laetitia Zito

    Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

  • Matthias Mehwald

    SW GER & CH Area Manager

  • Sabrina Baroni

    Executive Vice President, External Relations

  • Marta Guzik

    North America Administraion and Logistics - CEO's Assistant

  • Martin Jensen

    Scandinavia General Director

  • Matthias Priller

    Regional Manager Ost

  • Sabrina Lüftner

    Central and Western Germany Area Manager

  • Leonardo Miliacca

    Webmaster and Internet Promotion

  • Veronica Lo Presti

    Northern Italy Area Manager

  • Juha Perälä

    Finland Assistant Manager

  • Takeshi Ozaki

    Japan Area Manager

  • Benjamin Gross

    Japan Area Manager

  • Simon Dubois

    Southern France and Belgium Local Manager

  • Musycuff

    Web Site Writer

  • Mikaela Kavalli

    Web site writer

  • Marcin Janusinski

    Poland Area Manager

  • Anna Tesone

    A&R International Promotion

  • Florian Radke

    East Germany Assistant Manager

  • Taka Emergenza

    Japan Assistant Manager

  • Giuseppe Lamanna

    Russia Area Manager

  • Janna Martikainen

    Finland Content Creator

  • Jaroslaw Dudek

    Promotion Manager

  • Elise Pouradier

    Norway Assistant Manager

  • Sung Hun Hong

    Korea Assistant Manager

  • Anders Sørensen

    Denmark Assistant Manager

  • Sebastian Harbach

    Germany Assistant Manager

  • Alessa Patzer

    Assistant Manager München

  • David Schäfer

    Nord West Germany Area Manager

  • Paul Audry

    Paris Assistant Manager

  • Tomasz Radomski

    Poland Area Manager

  • Pino Fidanza

    Italy Assistant Manager

  • Christian Tammi

    Sweden Assistant Manager

  • Yokode Emergenza

    Osaka Assistant Manager

  • Loic Ancelin

    Spain Assistant Manager

  • Léandre Dussault

    Montreal Assistant Manager

  • Patrycja Rewera

    Assistant Manager for Emergenza Germany

  • Chris Caussines

    Local Manager Bretagne

  • Maxime Rosenberg

    Belgium Assistant Manager

  • Anna Ivanova

    Russia Production Director

  • Maria Ivanova

    Russia Social Media Manager

  • Danielle Baclig

    Australia Booking and Promotion

  • Solène Yslan

    Lyon Assistant Manager

  • Alexandre Magois

    Paris Assistant Manager

  • Alexander Volkhin

    Ekaterinburg Assistant Manager

  • Simon Fredman

    Sweden Assistant Manager

  • Julia Perez

    North/East Germany Assistant

  • Lorena Miguelez

    Australia Assistant Manager