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ULU University of London Union The Venue

ULU University of London Union The VenueMalet Street, London Karte anzeigen

This is where the real indie stars do their side projects. When the lead singer from the strokes decided to do a solo show this is where he request it'd be done. When Kele from Bloc Party wanted to play with a 4 piece string section he did it here. When Dave Ghrol from the Foo Fighters wanted a private gig where he could play to friends and family this was the place. Emergenza is proud to put unsigned and up coming bands from all other London on this stage. The 600 capacity venue has probably got the best drinks prices for any venue this size. A huge sound system and great lights makes this University venue a super club for any emerging artists to play in but if you are an emerging artist you can only play ULU through the Emergenza music festival.

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14 Juni 2008