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Arlene's Grocery
Telefon 212-995-1652

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Arlene's Grocery95 Stanton Street, NY Manhattan Karte anzeigen

Jeff Buckley, The Strokes, and The Bravery all broke out of Arlene's Grocery. We offer live music 7 days a week.

Formerly a bodega, Arlene’s Grocery opened its doors in 1995 as one of the first live music clubs in the Lower East Side. Up-and-coming bands flocked to the then seedy neighborhood for the sonic beauty and intimacy of the powerful sounding 150 capacity room.

After expanding into the next-door butcher shop in the late 90’s, Arlene’s offers two fully stocked bars and a gallery space for artists in addition to its large helping of live music.

As a handful of live music clubs pop up (and down) in the neighborhood, Arlene’s still holds true to its intention of nurturing emerging talent, providing a great experience for fans, and remaining an institution in the New York City music scene.